The SUMMIT is the premier business conference serving Youth Sport, Performance, and Education Industries.  Focusing on the issues and opportunities of our unique industry, the SUMMIT is a powerful blend of smart, relevant, entertaining…and immediately useful information.  Fast paced yet personal, the SUMMIT provides fresh, tangible, well-researched concepts that can make an immediate impact on your operational, educational and financial operations. The SUMMIT is undeniably the most exciting opportunity of the year to brainstorm and spend quality time with the top leaders in the industry.  Whether you are an owner, manager, coach or teacher, you will leave inspired and energized and ready to take your business to the next level!

The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa

Surrounded by breathtaking architecture, timeless beauty and old-world charm, The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa welcomes you to a destination where rich history, modern luxury, and classic elegance exist in perfect balance.

Where magnificent grand vistas harbor countless intimate hidden treasures. And where the outside world is left behind, setting a grand stage for memories that will last a lifetime.

For over a century, world leaders and Hollywood stars have chosen The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa in Riverside, CA as a place of refuge and renewal. Originally built as a two-story adobe guesthouse in 1876, the Inn has become the crown jewel of Inland Southern California, occupying an entire city block.

The Mission INN HOTEL & Spa
3649 Mission Inn Avenue, Riverside, CA 92501

Our group rates start at $149 (plus taxes) per night. Book your reservations directly with the hotel at (800)-843-7755. The Mission Inn is world renowned for its holiday appeal and will be completely booked out during our event. We have a limited room block and rooms will be issued on a first come first serve basis.

The New Riverside Convention Center

This year we've partnered with the Riverside Convention Center! The Convention Center recently re-opened with over 65,000 square feet of indoor event space, and over 20,000 square feet of usable outdoor meeting space and is located across the street from the Mission Inn.

Event Schedule

Day 1Tues, December 1, 2015
  • 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM - Registration

    Music Room Foyer, Mission Inn

  • 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM - Welcome Reception

    Music Room, Mission Inn

Day 2Wed, December 2, 2015
  • - Morning Business Meetings

    Raincross Ballroom, Riverside Convention Center

  • - Roundtable Box Luncheon

    Concourse 201, Riverside Convention Center

  • - Afternoon Business Meetings

    Raincross Ballroom, Riverside Convention Center

Day 3Thur, December 3, 2015
  • - Morning Business Meetings

    Raincross Ballroom, Riverside Convention Center

  • - Roundtable Box Luncheon

    Concourse 201, Riverside Convention Center

  • - Afternoon Business Meetings

    Raincross Ballroom, Riverside Convention Center

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The SUMMIT 2014

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Thinner skin, larger heads, weaker neck muscles, higher respiratory rates, lower limb to height ratio, faster metabolisms, lower blood pressure, higher heart rate, smaller airways, larger body surface area...whew those little ones are different!  Become the expert! Learn the unique aspects of a child's body that will help you develop and provide safe, appropriate and productive activities.  This will translate to a great staff training module you can bring to your team!

Our expert panel will share the critical red line standards in our business.  Within every organization there comes an event, a decision, a person or a situation that jeopardizes the success of the operation.  Great managers lead with relentless standards and a relentless awareness of their company's key operational performances.  What ARE the essential standards in our industry? What are the danger signs and what can we do to make corrections?  Listen to the sage advice of these experts and learn when to draw a clear red line in the sand.

The thinking that got you where you are today is not the same thinking that will get you where you need to be tomorrow.  Today's businesses need creative people. Creative leaders restructure issues and approach solutions through entirely different thinking mechanisms.  Studies show that creative people are intuitive, open minded, curious, collaborative and solution oriented.  Creative thinkers can be mathematical, lyrical, visual, organizational or operative.  They can be poetic, analytical, imaginative and persistent.  Who are the creative thinkers on your team?  How can we foster a culture of creativity so that we can find innovative ways to bring about compelling and inspirational solutions and ideas for the future?   

Crisis is bonding and gossiping boosts relevance and evokes power. Human beings are hard wired to gossip and our businesses are a hot bed for it!  Learn why people catastrophize and gossip and the psychological, interpersonal, cultural and financial damage these incidents can have on our business and brand.  There are stunning examples of how gossip in the workplace has destroyed individuals. There are alarming cases of how customer and community rumor has devastated a company.  Learn why people do it, how we can prevent it, and solid actions we can take when gossip, rumor and catastrophization have taken hold. 

Our ability to communicate well with our students is essential to our teaching success.  This session will cover how children learn language, the milestones of language development and common challenges to language acquisition. We’ll focus on how we can effectively communicate with children and play a positive role in their language development. Good teaching yields strong business advantages!  Establish credibility as a child expert amongst your customers and within your community! Learn teaching techniques you can bring to your staff to help them adjust to the various levels of language development they encounter each day.

Today more than ever, our industry is defined in human terms, not statistics or business strategies.  Today’s leading businesses know they must connect with their customers.  Every story must be outreaching and compelling and the best story tellers do not pontificate in the first person.  Learn how to artfully tell your company's story so that your customers play lead roles, your students are the stars and your community is the canvas.  Discover all the many venues and vehicles you can use to capture your audience, win their hearts and distinguish your brand!

Retaining students is a critical component of maintaining and growing your business.  This presentation lays out a step by step plan for proactively improving retention.  We'll look at what to analyze, how to analyze it and what the standards should be.  We'll discuss the major causes of drops and specific strategies to systematically improve your retention and grow your enrollment.

In a world full of unintended consequences, it is not uncommon for businesses to measure performance ... but end up with unexpected results. Often this is the result of measuring what's easy or what we have always measured rather than what is useful. Be prepared to review your performance metrics and evaluate what they are guiding you to do. 'Perform ... or Else!!' will challenge your thinking and set you on a path to identifying metrics that enable you to better predict the future performance of your business.

As marketers, we often believe we know what our customers think, want and need.  Marketing is changing!  Every day neuro-marketers are studying us! We're being tracked and measured through heat maps, eye tracking, body language, video surveillance, and a/b testing. And we're being purchasely manipulated through colors, packaging, brands and design. Neuroscience marketers are unlocking the secrets to the customer's mind, the non-conscious process and the role emotion plays in the purchasing decision. Let’s learn from the science!  Let’s talk about how we can determine what our customers' brains respond to and what tactics we can use to hold their attention and grow both loyalty and sales.

What is the net worth of your company's psychological capital? What is the projected value of your management team's efficacy?  What is the ROI on your leadership positivity?  New science shows that positive work environments help companies thrive.  This session will explore the remarkable science behind the power and influence behind what we think and intend and how this impacts our staff and operations.  Learn how an encouraging work environment translates to better performance, stronger profits, higher retention and noticeable returns.  Discover tangible evidence supporting the beneficial connections between positive leadership and entrepreneurial success and what you can do right now to improve your company's psychological capital! 

A few leaders do it naturally but most of us struggle knowing when to involve our 'selves' and when to and detach and 'let go'.  Join us for a discussion about how to establish your inner boundaries and find the strength to honor them. Essential knowledge for good decisions and good sleeps!

Today's top leaders understand how psychological strategies can help leverage the persuasion and influence needed to be effective in business.  This session will help you identify principles of business psychology that will help you effectively communicate the compelling nature of what you do. Learn how psychology can lead to more successful sales efforts, more effective marketing, better rapport and a higher level of commitment from your staff and clients alike!  

Why do some people network like pros and others come and go with nary an introduction? Did you fly all this way to huddle at lunch with the same person you lunch with every day?  Where should you sit? What about notes? How can you meet the speaker? How can you get the slides? How can you USE all this great information once you get back to the office? Continuing education takes time and money. Let's talk about strategies to ensure you get a fantastic return on your investment! Get out there!

The best time to prime your business for competition is before you are against the wall.  Successful business owners pay attention to their competition and proactively employ smart, strategic tactics to safeguard and improve their market position.  Learn specific tools to help you analyze your competition.  Learn how to identify gaps in the market that you can capitalize on and successes you need to respond to.

Everyone loves thinking outside the box.  Sometimes we focus so much on the next shiny thing that we fail to devote time, education and resources toward what is inside our box.  Our greatest growth is often within the programs that we already rock.  This session will help you identify what's inside your box. Is it defined by enrollment? Profit margins? Strength of staffing?  Duration? Is it what comes easiest?  You may be surprised!  From there, how do we protect and promote what's inside our box?  How can we use what's inside our box to safeguard our operations and take our business to the next level?

This session is about teaching staff to solve problems, communicate well and respect the work of their peers. Take home  three engaging Staff Training Modules that you can implement with your staff next week!


Event Registration from 3:00 - 5:00 Tuesday, December 1 with a SUMMIT hosted Welcome Reception from 5:00 – 7:00 pm.

We are staying at the historic Mission Inn in Riverside, California. Our group rates start at $149 (plus taxes) per night. Book your reservations directly with the hotel at (800) 843-7755. The Mission Inn is world renowned for its holiday appeal and will be completely booked out during our event. We have a limited room block and rooms will be issued on a first come first serve basis.

Ontario International Airport is the closest airport (18 miles).  Orange County is 41 miles and LAX a tedious 69 miles from the hotel.

Cal Elite has arranged special pricing for the event with Super Shuttle.  Click here to access our group rate.  The promo code will appear automatically when you use this special Cal Elite SUMMIT link.

We would love to see at our gym! We’re hosting our annual gym wide holiday shows December 5th and 6th and saving you a ticket.

Early Bird Registration is available through June 30th - until this date, the fees are $369 for the first registrant, $359 for the second and $349 for the third and $219 for each therafter.

Regular Registration (July 1 thru September 30) $379 for the first registrant, $369 for the second, $359 for the third and $229 each thereafter.

Just Made it Registration (October 1 thru December 1) $389, $379, $369 and $239 respectively.

Registered Hotel Guests – Self parking is $15 per night / Valet parking is $20 per night.  Non-Registered Hotel Guests –as of event date, current posted rates apply for Self & Valet parking.

The Roundtable Box Luncheons are offered both Wednesday and Thursday in Concourse 201, across from our meeting room in the Convention Center.  The luncheon fee is $30 per day.  We will have roundtables set up so you can grab your box lunch and join the greatest leaders in the industry for some rousing industry discussions!  The SUMMIT is an amazing opportunity to network!  We have arranged for these lunch meetings so we can meet and greet as much as possible!

Our business sessions (December 2 and 3) will be in the Raincross Ballroom at the new beautiful Riverside Convention Center across the street from the Mission Inn.


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